Welcome to the heart of Himalayas, Nepal... We are the Government registered agency dedicated to provide quality travel/tour/treks in Nepal & tibet for the discerning travellers...
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* Annpurna Circuit Trek 18 days
* Khayar Tal Trek 12 days
* Mardi Himal Trek 10 days
* Nar hpu valley Trek 15 days
* Tilich lake Jomsom into mesokanto
* Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek 6 days
* Shikhles/Royal Trek 8 days

We never force our clients to follow our set itinerary rather we always follow the idea suggested by our clients & arrange the trips accordingly. More >>

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Thank you, Caress Himalaya Treks you fulfiled the dreams of my life and the magic begins on the flight to Lukla, with breathtaking views of the Khumbu region. More >>


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Dear Travelers, many greeting from Himalayas!!

It is our great pleasure to present Caress Himalaya is a Government registered Trekking and Tour Company- the best full service trekking and tour operator in Nepal. We are a small, personalized firm specializing in treks, tours and climbing in the Himalayan region. Nepal has a great number of trekking agencies. Despite this fact, there is a great need for an agency that understands the needs of tourists from all parts of the world: an agency that provides quality and responsible travel service in Nepal, our tiny Himalayan Kingdom.

Working collectively with over 12 years of guiding experience, our group of dedicated trekking guides ensure the best service to their valued clients. We are committed to promote Eco-Tourism from the low lands of the Terai to the highest peak in the Himalayas; an experience unmatched by other countries.

Caress Himalaya treks & Expd.Company was founded by dedicated explorers and professional guides, at home whatever the terrain. We are the foremost name in Adventure Trekking, Tours, Mountaineering, Jungle Safari, River Rafting and other sports in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan... Our friendly, well trained teams are recruited from the western and eastern regions of Nepal and have a deep respect and love for their magnificent country. Our company works as a team to create and achieve our vision in the office and on the trail. Each of our members has had many years of experience in trekking and guiding and has joined our company with a full commitment to providing the best service to our valued guests. You will see the difference it makes when you trek with us!

Hiran Magar, the founder of Caress Himalaya Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

It is my great pleasure to introduce myself as a Owner of Caress Himalaya Treks & Expedition Company. My name is Hiran Magar, I born in Priti, a remote hilly region of the mid-eastern part of Nepal. I am a graduated from Tribhuwan University, Katmandu. Since I was a school boy, very interested to involve in tourism, after finishing my school level I invovlved in tourism sector in 1996 and chosed trekking one because one of the my best hobby is meeting people from all over the world and talk with, share, idea and experiences which is possible only in tourism specially in trekking sector. I have taken various training regarding/related tourism trade from related sectors. Eventhough I am an owner of Company, I usually use to go myself as a leader/guide with our valued clients to take care of them and to enjoy with natural beauty. I always love mountain and to be close of nature.

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Responsible tourism
Caress Himalaya Treks strives to organize culturally rewarding and environmentally friendly trekking trips that provide economic and social benefits to the local communities. We therefore buy most of our trekking food supplies locally, promote eating local food and stay at locally run guesthouses and campsites only. Local entrepreneurs are encourages by us to adopt minimum-impact methods and provide eco-sensitive services. We try to minimize the use of campfires by giving proper clothing advise to our clients and by providing adequate clothing and gear to our porters and guides.

We trek all the traditional routes when requested but specialize in catering for the more adventurous travelers who prefer to move off the beaten path. We have all ready provided thousands of high quality trips to clients from all over the world. Our goal is to present you with wonderful traveling opportunities and culturally enriching adventures with minimum impact on the fragile environment. The crew of Caress Himalaya treks consists of adventure leaders, naturalists, environmental journalists and trained guides and porters. With great teamwork we want to share our beautiful country with you.

Why with Caress Himalaya Treks & Expd?

Our specialist knowledge and personalized service will create a more interesting and adventurous holiday for you.
Our courteous service will not end with your booking, but is maintained throughout your stay.
The most important consideration for safe, enjoyable adventure travel is meticulous preparation. In this regard, nobody equals the dedication of Caress Himalaya Trekking Company.
Our experienced guides, porters and cooks pay careful attention to arrangements for travel, the preparation of good, wholesome food and strict rules of hygiene. Our staffers are well paid, our tours are insured and properly equipped.
We prefer a maximum of 10 per group and are happy to arrange tours for individuals and smaller parties. We believe that small groups minimize the impact on the environment and allow for the cultural interaction that is often the most memorable aspect of a holiday in Nepal.
With the increasing concern over the global impact of tourism, Caress Himalaya Trekking Company is moving towards the promotion of responsible tourism through cultural and environmental awareness.
All guests are met at the airport and - left to us - transfers are stress free.
We provide you with clear details of the cost of your tour so that you are fully aware of any extra expenses that may be incurred. No unpleasant surprises!
We always take people as helper from local area rather Yak or donkeys in our expedition and trekking because if you take animals, the utility get one person that who owns animals but if you take people then utility get diffirent people, means they get work.
We encourage comments from our guests and use them to constantly improve our services


Before you leave home, we help you prepare, with concise information about the terrain, the climate, local customs, etc. You can enjoy the sometimes high altitude conditions without discomfort as our guides have been trained in mountain safety and first aid procedures. We are in constant communication with our field offices and monitor all aspects of government policy and weather that may affect your trip. We are on-call 24 hours a day. You can rest assured that Caress Himalaya Trekking Company has one of the best safety records anywhere. In the unlikely event of an emergency, helicopter rescue is available during treks and expeditions.

We provide fresh, hygienically prepared food served by our private cooks during trekking, expeditions & safaris. You can have Nepali, Chinese, Italian and as well as Western meals. Beverages include coffee, hot chocolate, tea and Nepali Tea (Milk Tea). Our locally produced food is free of chemicals and pesticides.


We pay attentions to your level of physical fitness and your appetite for endurance and adventure, and plan your itinerary accordingly. If you are part of a group, we do our best to ensure that you are neither over stretched or held back by incompatible companions.

Our equipment is state of the art and carefully maintained. For example, we use the superb North Face VE-25 tent, as well as some tents from Nepal Tent & Tarpaulin Company (the well known reputable company in Kathmandu) and have well furnished trekking equipments.

Both in the cities and outlying areas, we have long- standing relationships with the owners and managements of Nepal's network of hotels and inns, and can arrange excellent accommodation at advantageous tariffs, from simple accommodation in remote villages to the five star hotels of Kathmandu and Pokhara.


Camping is the preferred way to enjoy one of the most beautiful and fragile spots on earth, because it allows you to be close to nature. Your sensitivity for your surrounding will influence others and your team will help with these simple guidelines.
Do not leave anything except your footprints on the trail, and do not take away anything except photos.
Use bio-degradable or burnable disposables.
Do not leave waste burning on a site. Bag and remove plastic and tins for disposal later.
Ensure that toilets are dug at least 50 meters from the camp, and cover with earth on departure.

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